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Merry Christmas to you all

Merry Christmas to all of you supporters out there! We would like to thank you for your prayers and your financial contributions. We wouldn’t be where are today without your prayers and financial supports. We pray that this Christmas season will bring you love, Joy, good health, peace, and prosperity.  Please remember to tell everybody you meet that Jesus loves them.


Posted by: Go Out Ministries | December 17, 2011

Our dream place

This is what we would like to accomplish at our parcel of  land with your prayers and supports. Please join us to make this a reality.

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A word from one of our board members

Thank you God for the many blessings this year for Go Out Ministries.  I pray every day that God is at work in Haiti and that the people of Haiti will learn of His love.  Go Out Ministries is a bright and shining star in Jacmel, Haiti.  It is a source of hope and help to many in the area and it all stems from God’s love.  It is as simple as that, allow your heart to love as God did and you can be a part of something miraculous.  Blessings, Blessings, Blessings….. The House of Abraham was able to open in the spring and we were also able to obtain a nice parcel of land for building our own compound instead of paying rent.  Thank you God for the people you work through!

The House of Abraham is a wonderful ministry and currently there are 13 great kids living there that are being given an opportunity of a life time.  They are being raised in a loving and caring environment with daily bible study and devotions.  There basic needs are being met, which does not happen for most children in Haiti, and they are witnessing and learning how to become a respected and Godly person.

It is not an easy thing to run a ministry; you need to totally rely on God and His people.  It takes great patience and faith.  As the year comes to an end, we would like to remind you that God is waiting for you to answer the door.  Where can you be used?  Go Out Ministries is trying to get each of the children sponsored and they also have many bigger projects that need funding.  But, your job may be as simple as lifting one of the precious HOA children to God daily, or it could be to get a group together to come do some work, or it could be to support a child monthly, or to support a large purchase.  God has a plan for you!  What is it?

Sharon Knous

Posted by: Go Out Ministries | August 23, 2011

Good to be back

It is great to be with my lovely wife and the kids.

I went straight to the House of Abraham when I got in Jacmel last night. All of the kids were up and waiting for me (pappy Fefe). They sang a wonderful welcoming song for me. You should have seen the smile on face. I was so happy that I could not stand still. It was so great to hear their voices. I sat down after the song to get my hugs. That was another joyful moment. They jump all over me and it got to a point where it was hard for me to breathe .
Today was  a great day. After getting my morning hugs,  they lined up to tell me everything they had learned while I was gone. They have made a lot of progress and learned a lot of things. They taught me some of the songs the had learned and told me everything they had done in school.  It was great to hear them talking about stuff they had learned.
I thank God everyday for bringing these kids to me. It’s a great blessing to have them.

Thanks to those of  you who are helping us make  a difference in their lives. Your supports mean a lot to us.

May God continue purring his blessing upon you.


Posted by: Go Out Ministries | July 15, 2011

Just an update

Hello Everyone!

Things have been very exciting with the Ministry during  the past few months. It’s been almost two months since we opened House Of Abraham. Thanks be to God, now HOA is up and running.

We also started an intensive summer school program in order to get the children ready for the next school year. The kids have been learning a lot of things and making a lot of progress.

We have a great staff and I am very pleased with the kind of work that is being done with the Ministry in General.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and supports. We were able to open HOA because of your prayers and supports. Thanks to all of you special people the Lord put on our path.

Please, keep supporting us because we have a long way before us.



Posted by: Go Out Ministries | March 12, 2011

GOM site

I am still working on it.

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This is the new GOM web page. We are just trying to set up a blog to stay connected with our friends and supporters.
Please send us your feedback about the site.

May God bless you all.