Posted by: Go Out Ministries | August 23, 2011

Good to be back

It is great to be with my lovely wife and the kids.

I went straight to the House of Abraham when I got in Jacmel last night. All of the kids were up and waiting for me (pappy Fefe). They sang a wonderful welcoming song for me. You should have seen the smile on face. I was so happy that I could not stand still. It was so great to hear their voices. I sat down after the song to get my hugs. That was another joyful moment. They jump all over me and it got to a point where it was hard for me to breathe .
Today was  a great day. After getting my morning hugs,  they lined up to tell me everything they had learned while I was gone. They have made a lot of progress and learned a lot of things. They taught me some of the songs the had learned and told me everything they had done in school.  It was great to hear them talking about stuff they had learned.
I thank God everyday for bringing these kids to me. It’s a great blessing to have them.

Thanks to those of  you who are helping us make  a difference in their lives. Your supports mean a lot to us.

May God continue purring his blessing upon you.



  1. God bless you and your House of Abraham kids – they are true blessings from God. I can tell you had really missed them. Tell the kids that Momma Sharon & Momma Tab send there love.

  2. So glad you home safe with your kids. Sounds like a wonderful welcome. We loved having you and hope to see you soon. keep us posted!

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