Posted by: Go Out Ministries | December 15, 2011

A word from one of our board members

Thank you God for the many blessings this year for Go Out Ministries.  I pray every day that God is at work in Haiti and that the people of Haiti will learn of His love.  Go Out Ministries is a bright and shining star in Jacmel, Haiti.  It is a source of hope and help to many in the area and it all stems from God’s love.  It is as simple as that, allow your heart to love as God did and you can be a part of something miraculous.  Blessings, Blessings, Blessings….. The House of Abraham was able to open in the spring and we were also able to obtain a nice parcel of land for building our own compound instead of paying rent.  Thank you God for the people you work through!

The House of Abraham is a wonderful ministry and currently there are 13 great kids living there that are being given an opportunity of a life time.  They are being raised in a loving and caring environment with daily bible study and devotions.  There basic needs are being met, which does not happen for most children in Haiti, and they are witnessing and learning how to become a respected and Godly person.

It is not an easy thing to run a ministry; you need to totally rely on God and His people.  It takes great patience and faith.  As the year comes to an end, we would like to remind you that God is waiting for you to answer the door.  Where can you be used?  Go Out Ministries is trying to get each of the children sponsored and they also have many bigger projects that need funding.  But, your job may be as simple as lifting one of the precious HOA children to God daily, or it could be to get a group together to come do some work, or it could be to support a child monthly, or to support a large purchase.  God has a plan for you!  What is it?

Sharon Knous

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